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obama says the u.s. is actually ratcheting down involvement in libya but, still, no plans for dealing with muammar qaddafi. >> wake up. air traffic controller falls asleep on the job. if you have not heard putting lives at risk but instead of fixing that problem the f.a.a. changes the rules and another bureaucratic coverup? we report. you decide. >>clayton: and an idea to cut the deficit. tax how far you drive. a government official thinks that should be used against you. like a little old lady would not be taxed as much as briggs. could a mileage tax be on the way? muammar qaddafi -- >>dave: i am a train guy! >> it's "fox and friends" right now. >>dave: everyone, good saturday morning, heather is here this morning with us. >> great to have you. >> >>clayton: we need a vat of coffee for heather. >>dave: this is the one person on the planet and this is late for her because she usually anchors at 4:30 in the morning, so this is sleeping in. sleeping in. >>clayton: and now, the news we are following overnight because if violence continuing to rip through the muslim world, and a number of
odyssey dawn to nato. the united states a huge part of nato? how much is the u.s. still on the hook? who will issue the orders? john bolton is here to go on the record. now, president obama, a few minutes ago. >> the president: gadhafi declared he would show no mercy to his own people if we waited one more day, benghazi, a city nearly the size of charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world. it was not in our national interests to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. in this particular country, libya, at this particular moment, we were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability to stop that violence. international mandate for action. a coalition prepared to join us. the support of arab countries. and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. moreover, america has an important strategic interest in preventing gadhafi from overrunning those who oppose him. a massacre would have driven thousands of additional refugees across libya's borders. putting enormous
he joins us live. >> reporter: we think that scene took place a mile from here in the qadhafi compound. that compound has been a target hit by missiles. despite the fact that pentagon officials say qadhafi himself is not a target. it is an act of defiance from qadhafi. he hasn't been seen in several days. he's been giving recent speeches by telephone. now appearing apparently, before the cameras and a crowd of volunteers, human shields. he's saying he is in this to the end. he's not afraid of european jets or fighters or americans. and they will win this war. in the meantime, there's a real military test coming up in the city of miss -- of misrata, 125 miles away from the capital of tripoli. you have 500,000 civilians inside that city, and now according to the american admiral in charge of this operation, he is saying that qadhafi's government forces are attacking civilians. this is a direct violation of the u.n. security council ruling. the admiral says all options are on the table. it is a very difficult situation for those inside. they've had electricity and phone service c
with netanyahu and will give us the latest in minutes. >> it has been one year since president obama signed the national health care law. is it working? do people love it or hate it? why are some states exempt? who is still putting up a fight? why is the president trying to keep the health care law way from the supreme court? is he afraid of what they will say? attorney general cuccinelli is here plus governor palin. >> hold on to your seats for this one. is did -- is donald trump a birther? you will hear directly from donald trump. we have a jam-packed show coming to you live from naples, florida. sarah palin joins us in two minutes. first live to libya. steve harrigan joins us live from tripoli. >> reporter: the attacks here now coming into the city of tripoli by fighter jets. libyan's air defenses have been knocked out. less expensive option now being used. we've heard several explosions to my right near the presidential compound one mile away. of course gadhafi himself was speaking before human shields at that come upon yesterday. pentagon officials have said he himself is not specifica
ousted. without that being met, i have to again ask why in the world will our military might be used according to the u.n. and arab league desires and nato's leadership in this skirmish or this war or whatever it is that obama calls it or doesn't want to call it. >> greta: usually on speeches like this, there are two purposes. one substantively to explain to the american people why we are doing the military action, whatever. the other to inspire us to feel proud of what we are doing and this is the right decision. i thought tonight that he felt -- that he had a flat delivery. that he lost the inspiration part. so it was hard to be convinced of the substantive purpose part. >> well, he did not articulate what our purpose was. except some inconsistent humanitarian effort in libya. yet, the inconsistency lies with the questions now being asked, why not darfur, north korea? what are we going to do about syria? all these other areas where i guess america could intervene with our power and resources to help humanity. not make the case for this intervention. u.s. interests have to be met if
are continuing the massive water drop open the reactors as the u.s. military is on stand by. the latest ahead. >> and good morning, americans. today the government will borrow $5 billion. and the fix day what this means to you, straight ahead. you are watching "fox and friends" beginning right now. thank you for joining us. we have breaking news because a plane has been shot down over libya and we are live in benghazi with the latest. what do we know? >> good morning. benghazi is under attack from deaf's army. there are taverns in the city of benghazi, the second largest city with a million resident although many have fled the city. there was incoming fire, possibly from a war ship in the mediterranean. and possibly from above. now, we have to caution viewers we do not know if the plane shot down belonged to the lynnian army or opposition forces. the rebels had a couple of jetss and it is possible us was trying to reach the tanks. we do not know it it is an opposition jet but it was shot down from anti-aircraft guns on the ground as it was headed toward tanks on the overnight side of the city
to the nuclear reactor is unlikely despite the large explosion so that is good news. give us the update with the evacuation. we heard we're talking about 12 miles or 20 kilometers was all they evacuated. what do you see this evening? >> we cannot get to the evacuation because this is uncertainty of what is happening. we do not want ... why would they even want to rescue us with what they have to deal with. the evacuation, you are told it is 20 kilometers but it is being expanded 30 to 40 kilometers and they are stopping cars 65 or 70 kilometers outside anywhere of the actual reactor so you are not getting close at all. they are stopping cars back and they don't want anyone headed north and the infrastructure issue. the roads have been wiped away. so if the reactor was not causing a problem the roads would not be available. and there is a lot of information and people do not know about nuclear reactors, we are not scientists, and having said that the japanese are considered one of the best not world in dealing with this. the united states, japanese, and russians. the general are -- the j
to up the age and it is not going to affect any of us. >> sean: great panel. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: breaking news in libya. covert operation underway. president obama's signature is on it. it could dig our heels in diaper in libya. yes, we are surrendering control of command over the no-fly zone to nato but there are could be. u.s. covert action could be heading libya's way. john bolton is here to tell you about a secret document the president has signed. things are growing more unstake. libyan's foreign minister flees for england. why is the foreign minister running for cover in england? he says he quit, but he's not going quietly. >> to the bizarre, gadhafi has hired a former nicaragua want foreign minister -- to represent him at the united nations. strange? in the midst of this chaos and uncertainy the cost of war in libya is sigh rocketing. the pentagon saying -- is skyrocketing. the pentagon saying it has already cost american taxpayers 550 million dollars. that number is growing. and growing. and growing. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton
. >> sean: thank you both. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. the news continues, greta is standing by to go on the record and take it from here. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. stay inside that is what the japanese government is telling more than 140,000 due to dangerous radiation. it is a feared nuclear crisis no one knows if this crisis can be stopped or contained. if it cannot be stopped or contained, no one knows how bad it could be. smoke is pouring out of nuclear reactor number 4. and number 1. crews at number 1 claim th'vpuouth fe is tsendimth cai habead ams are now looking at boarding helicopters to spray a fire retardant on the the reto so spe flod n rsk oaatg er. new infortiha oof em a lea 70% desed that is very bad news. that is only part of the crisis. the scene in many parts of the country is grave. people are without food, water, shelter. and it is very cold. at this hour there are 3300 confirmed dead. that number is expected to grow much higher. right now japanese crews are still frantically digging peo
are raising the clock to prevent a nuclear meltdown. shepard smith joins us live from tokyo. >> shepard: good morning from tokyo. we are waiting to hear from the prime minister. this new explosion happened about five hours ago. just after 6 a.m. local time here in japan. they had been trying to keep water over these nuclear fuel rods. you have to keep water over them to keep them cool. the first facility broke down with the tsunami, the back-up system broke down. they were forcing seawater over these nuclear fuel rods. that process became impossible 2 1/2 meters of the fuel rod became exposed. that released a lot of heat. that produced steam. that steam was released. now the question is whether this outer core of the reactor has been breached? that we don't know the answer to yet. we are waiting to hear from the japanese officials. right now we believe this new radiation is inside and contained in the core of this thing. the power company which runs it, tokyo electrical company has evacuated some of its employees, leaving 50 behind to monitor the situation. the government was leading us to be
. what does this mean? speaker of the house jeff fitzgerald joins us on the phone. i could tell thinks -- things got rough today. the minority leader at one point yelled about you, your speaker is impaired and took out a bullhorn and started yelling. things got tough there today. >> yeah, some interesting times in madison. we took a vote today to put the state back on the right track. that's what he did in the state assembly. >> greta: what is the level of vitriol? it was reported that members of the democratic members of the assembly were pounding on the door demanding to be let in. they were locked out because protesters are trying to get in. the police were locking them out. >> it was pretty difficult today. the problem they were trying to secure the building so we could get legislators in to take a vote. last night we the senate passed the bill it was difficult for myself and the majority leader to get out of the building to a safe place. within an hour of that last night they probably had 15 to 20,000 students storm the capitol building, break open doors and force their way into t
that decision george but we have not ruled that out. >> greta: steve harrigan joins us live from tripoli. steve? >> reporter: greta, this statement certainly raises some concern from the nato commander about a flicker of al-qaeda. i think certainly, we you take 1,000 gunmen on the streets on the highway, in eastern libya it is of no surprise to anyone there might be some with contacts with al-qaeda. even some who may have fought against western forces in iraq or afghanistan. i think is a brief and glimpse of honesty of the remark by the public official, which was very different than what hillary clinton said in london when asked the same question about possible al-qaeda ties money the rebels. she said we are getting to know them better. that is is like lie what we will hear in the future. these rebels moved forward and retreated. a couple of things stand out. number one, their military incompetence. they've gotten credit for taking cities in this fight so far when all they've done was to walk in and occupy territory. territory that was taken out by coalition airstrikes. they've got 10 credit fo
and also destruction in terms of what has been hit. >> reporter: it is extremely difficult for us to give a number as far as also of life. there's competing claims on the one hand coalition forces saying they are not aware of civilian casualties. on the other hand, government offices saying 48 civilians were killed in the first round of strikes. those claims have not been verified. our ability to leave the hotel without government supervision is limited so we cancer few those libyan government claims. >> greta: steve, in terms of the safety on the ground, i don't know what time is it there now? >> reporter: six hours time difference. three, four in the morning probably. >> greta: it is actively going on the strikes? the strikes are actively going on? >> reporter: strikes have happened three times tonight in the past three hours here it has been quiet. it is interesting. while those strikes occur you hear the loud explosion then see the anti-aircraft fire. much of the city life in the earlier hours continue as normal. you see cars down highways and roads. people have confidence in the accu
, i want to focus if i could on no-fly zone. what that means is, we want to prevent qadhafi from using his helicopters and airplanes from killing libyans. i think we can do it. i think we should do it. if the united states' policy is articulated by the president today and the secretary of state that qadhafi must go. it seems to me that we should prevent and take steps to prevent from qadhafi from being able to continue to kill people from the air. >> greta: what he said today among other things with the press conference he says going forward we will continue to send a clear message the violence must stop. qadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. where did he get this legitimacy to leave? he took over in 1969 in a coup. he's nothing but a violent man. he hangs out with idi amin. he is trying to get chemical weapons. he applauded the murder of sadat in egypt. he has foreign mercenaries killing civilians. he haskered the citizens. -- he massacred citizens. pan am 103 we are leaning it was his idea to kill all those people. now we're talking he's lost his legitimacy to lead.
. >> sean: greta is next. see you tomorrow night. thanks for having us. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. they are now using helicopters. japanese military helicopter is dumping water from a massive bucket on to fukushima's number 3 and 4 reactors. this is not good news. it means nothing else is working. the u.s. nuclear watchdog is saying get out because it is getting worse. japan is consumed with enormous uncertainty. is there going to be a met down? nothing is looking encouraging. the u.s. and japan are with each other how close we are to a meltdown. u.s. nuclear agency is urging americans to stay 50 miles from the fukushima nuclear power plant. at home, the president is under attack by some for what he was doing today. unveiling his march madness draft picks. more on that later. first, extremely high. u.s. nuclear regulatory commission warning of extremely high radiation levels. so bad that right now u.s. forces have been directed not to go near fukushima. americans have been told to keep 50 miles away. that's more than double than what the japanese had been warned. the eu energy co
and return home to madison? mike tobin joins us live from madison. >> reporter: those 14 senate democrats somewhere over the border have given no indication that they will return. senator saying it depends on governor walker becoming flexible. over the weekend, tens of thousands of demonstrators poured into madison to support those missing senators. targeting fox news as they formed up angry mobs. >> i was getting the business from a teacher yesterday. he wants to shutdown the communication. the teachers told me she hates me because it makes her feel good. that's the situation out here. >> i hate to put you into this situation you are being surrounded there. you are being heckled. there is profanity. go ahead. >> reporter: that guy just hit me. much smaller crowd outside of the capitol today. a core group of several dozen inside the capitol building itself despite a second deadline to remove them from the capitol so the floors can be cleaned. police will not kick them out. they are careful to avoid images of these people being forcibly hauled from the capitol building. >> greta: in terms
benefits. therefore, they say that the governor is using the state employee and the 1200 layoffs as poker chips in a very high-stakes game. >> greta: thank you. strong words from president obama. he's throwing his support behind the public employees in wisconsin. >> let me also say this -- i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed upon. we need to attract the best and the brightest to public service. >> greta: wisconsin republican senator alberta darling joins us. good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: is there any chance those democrats are coming back across the state line? >> i sure hope so, greta, because what we are talking about is governor walker wants to attack our standing and our debt and get us on the right path to grow jobs and the economy. and this $165 million loss -- if it is not met tomorrow is real. and there will be layoffs. governor walker isn't choosing to lay off people because he wants to. it's because we are broke. and president obama mentioned vilifying public employees. we are not
if governmt finally admits it is overwhelmed. are they doing too little too late? greg palkot joins us in japan. greg? >> we are watching closely the activities at the nuclear plant complex. we have been watching the past couple of days. the helicopter with water drops on top of the reactors to try to cool the thing down and then the last day or so fire engines on the ground shooting water up into the sky on to the facility. sounds happen hazard but it is keeping radio as activity levels at a steady level. keeping heat at a steady level but there has got to be something done. there has been an electrical line hooked up first to the! tearor of the complex and then into the maze of buildings that compose the entire area. one and then a second reactor will be hooked up with electricity. the big question is whether the coolant pumps which have been rattled by first the tsunami of course, and then by hydrogen blasts and fires whether they can actually work. the answer is maybe, maybe not. that is why as you also noted there are other options being looked at. the so called chernobyl solution
is up next. see you tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> greta: this is it, that's the starting line. we are live republican 2012 starting line right here in iowa. if you want to be the next president of the united states you are probably in iowa tonight. we are at what is being called the most exciting political event ever. potential republican candidates are swarming iowa tonight they are trying to dazzle hundreds of conservatives who are packed into this suburban des moines mega church. tonight hear from all five. gingrich, pawlenty, santorum, roamer and cane. they are speaking before the faith and freedom coalition. one big name who is a no-show today is donald trump. trump did send his aide michael cohen. cohen flew in on a -- fancy plane to represent trump and met with gop chairman. he was so happy to meet trump's aide he went to the airport to greet him. who isn't here? huckabee, romney, sarah palin and book pan is not here. we did catch up with newt gingrich at the machine shed restaurant. the former speaker of the house went on the record. mr. speaker, nice to see you.
morning everybody. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to show you. some very, very cool innovative new inventions that clayton has found. did you find this at ted? >> they talked about this at the figu big conference. >> big famous ted conference. >> in one minute we are going to preview this incredible invention. >> 3-d printing. image being at your house and actually printing something out that is an object like a shoe or a hat. we are going to be making a human ear. the incredible change. this is going to change the way we do business in america. >> i will have an on list. >> we have a showdown on capitol hill in the budget. it is heating up. this time they unveil their plan to cut $6.5 billions in the next 7 months. will lawmakers find middle ground between republican and democratic proposals before this march 18th deadline rolls around. >> we are live in washington with the details. >> $4 billion that's already been cut from this year's budget. the president had to do that or republicans said they might shut the republicans down. now the left and right are arguing how much more to
they are leaving us here to die. the situation japan is getting increasingly dangerous. it is un . people are packing to evacuate. it is so unstable the state department has begun evacuating americans on chartered flights. that first with 100 onboard departed hours allege. that's the easy evacuation. what about the americans trapped in other parts of the country? parts where roads have been ruptured by the quake and a challenge to get to? 14 buses are headed to sendai. you know about sendai, 65 miles northeast of the fukushima nuclear power plant. no one know was is going to happen with that plant. we go to sendai late in the show this is a race against the clock with enormous obstacles to prevent a catastrophic meltdown at the fukushima power plant. right now we regret to report there are no good signs. the signs are bad. they are very bad. everyone is bracing for a catastrophic event. emergency workers are trying to do everything they can. their lives are at risk and they know it. but they are still trying to save everyone else. we have live reports from across japan, tokyo, sendai. at
of view. >> we'll have a chat. >> sean: thank you for being with us. i hope you have a great i hope you have a great weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> a little help, a little. >> i rely on the generosity of others. >> they have the most deep seated sense of entitlement that i have ever come across. >> has america become free loaders? this is small time. there's bigger money in getting governments to help you free load. >> they need to start writing checks. >> congress will give $50,000 to any black american who says he attempted to farm. >> the foreclosure crisis. s are bad guys. they took homes from innocents. -- this woman hasn't paid her mortgage for 25 years. she says she doesn't have to. these guys' website encourages people not to pay. sounds like a scam. but this is true. >> it is legal. >> you guys are disgusting. you are helping peep free load. >> politicians love doing that. -- >> you can help your girlfriend, your girlfriend's momma. >> everyone will applaud you. >> everybody thinks the government owes them something. >> some american indians are rich.
democrats? what about those citizens of wisconsin? author of the new book "revolt" morris joins us. before we talk about your book who is winning, who is losing in wisconsin. >> walker is winning. the democrats are losing. and the unions are losing big time. they are working on a deal now them are holding discussions, which is forced boo two actions of walker. one is, he -- he cut0pw off ther pay. secondly, he said if you ever set foot in wisconsin we'll arrest you and bring you into the senate. that means they can't go back and forth and visit. before that they were only liable to arrest when the legislature was sitting. finally, he made clear that unless they come back, and vote his savings program he's going to lay-off 1500 workers. the clock is ticking. i think they are giving in. they are negotiating. the key thing walker wants to protect, i don't think he's giving in on this and i don't think he will, limiting collective bargaining to wages and benefits. so he can proceed with his education reforms. the other thing he wants is the unions have to collect their dues rather than have it
us live from madison. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: who went to this meeting? >>> i got a call over the weekend that started a conversation about what did we need to do to get the democrats back into the chamber. we decided that it was time for us to have a face-to-face meeting. i was invited down to speak to a number of senate democrats. we had about a two hour meeting. it was cordial. we talked about a number of different issues including the budget repair and beyond that and the way we conducted ourselves once they made their way back to the capitol. it got the conversation moving, i thought. we went back and forth with some ideas. i think it was a good meeting. >> greta: i know was in kenosha, essentially right over the line into wisconsin. was there some sort of negotiation? why were you able to lure the democrats into the state how come they couldn't lure you into illinois? >> no, no. we just found a place that was convenient. there was no talk of trying to trap the democrats or capture the democrats, no. it was more of a convenient place to talk. >> greta: who wen
people inside them. that's what they're telling us now. they are finding bodies among all of this debris. untold number of bodies believed to be lying in the rubble and debris. and rescue workers say they have yet to reach some of those lardest-hit areas. they can't seem to get in there. but they are doing everything they can. and the u.s. military is coming in to aid and now we are hearing that japan is sending in 50,000 troops of their own and the u.n. offering their help and resources as well. they will need all the help they can get as this continues because there is a lot of people in need of rescue and a lot of people unaccounted for. and those numbers of dead and injured are going to rise. >> the latest now, at 10:00 p.m. west toast time in the u.s. is that there is a nuclear power plant that, quote, may be experiencing a meltdown, according to a japanese news agency, quoting officials on the ground there. another powerful aftershock, 6.8, hitting japan, right near the site of the first earthquake, the original one, just within the last couple of hours as the country launches a ma
said this. >> greta: is npr washing its hands clean withรง schiller's departure. joining us byron york. now what? >> this is going to have a lot of political repercussions. the thing that made the biggest impression with republicans on capitol hill was not what he said there. it is what he said about federal funding for npr. he said, on camera, in the long run, npr would be better off without federal funding. the republicans who are trying to defund npr are now going to be saying, look one of your top executives said, you would be better off with federal funding. it is going to make a big effect in the battle. >> greta: in his statement he also says that the statements he made are not reflective of my own beliefs. well hose were they? -- well whose were they? the guy -- there is something wrong. >> they believe he was at this meeting. he didn't know who he was talking to. it was a fraudulently set-up meeting, no doubt about that. but he was speaking on behalf of npr. he was saying, if federal funds were cut off for npr, npr would definitely survive, most of its station was survive and
'm not blaming obama, i'm blaming every democrat and republican for using credit cards. >> sean: greta is next see you tomorrow night. >> greta: in is a fox news alert. guards have given up guarding the main entrance to the wisconsin state capitol. thousands are pouring into the capitol and those who can't get in are taking to the streets. they are protesting. a political war like none other has exploded in washington. what has escalated this happened a short time ago. governor walker and the wisconsin republicans pulled the rug out from under the democrats. they separated the collective bargaining provision from the budget repair bill. rushed it in for a senate vote and it passed. what do the democrats think? the democrats are enrageed. this story is changing every minute. it is far from over, -- mike is the latest? >> reporter: the abrupt manner in which this -- these limits to collective bargaining were muscled through reflect the exasperation that wisconsin republicans were feeling with their democratic counterparts. reflected by the statement made by the senate majority leader today after
us. good luck, i hope these aftershocks and quakes are over for japan, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: there are other americans in japan. our next guest was en route to the airport when the quake hit. she was on a moving train when the quake broke the country into pieces. maya where are you and tell me what happened on that train when that quake struck and what you thought? >> i had finally gotten back to my apartment in downtown tokyo after almost 24 hours. it was a tough journey to get back here. yesterday when the quake hit, first i thought it was a train crash. it was a huge jolt in the train. we were on an elevated track. i looked out window and realized that everything outside was shaking too. everyone on the train started panicking. a lot of people who were on the train were people who were visiting since it was an airport train. they had never experienced an earthquake. first, i didn't think it was a big deal. it lasted so long, and then another quake came back even stronger just a few minutes after. that's when we knew that it was serious. >> greta: what did you do
funding. >> you know, you said the republicans will use this effectively to defund any money that taxpayer money. but if i were a member of the tea party movement, i would be madder than hell that they thought i was a member of a gun-toting, horrible racist-- the horrible insults. the people in the tea party movement are probably really jazzed up. >> you will never convince conservative republicans that that is not a widely held opinion inside the npr. the comments do not reflect the happening of npr. conservative republicans probably don't believe that. but the team party people who were quite slandered in these comments are going to be -- i guess, angrier than ever and support more than ever, efforts to defund npr. >> greta: npr was created when we didn't have the internet and 80 billion news outlets. if i were npr, the last thing i would be doing is insulting anybody who was buttering my bread. >> first of all, they are saying, they don't believe that any media should have direct government subsidy -- >> greta: anymore. >> and the second thing is, there are so many more choices now. the
up? why can't we get a budget to carry us through the rest of year? >> understand how we got into this problem. last year democrats didn't pass a budget. they didn't do any appropriation bills to fun the government from last october to next september. >> greta: why? >> i don't know you have to ask them. all i know is they funded the government through march 4th, deposited this in our lap. we did our work several weeks ago when we passed 100 billion dollars worth of spending cuts from what the president requested. we passed it to the senate. they haven't acted. we decided to move the short term cr to keep the government open. at the same time cut spending. we cut four billion dollars. while they moaned and groaned they all seemed to vote for it. i'm hopeful the senate will get serious about finishing out this year. we can't go through this every two weeks. but, the house has acted. when is the senate gonna act? >> greta: you have been sharing a few barbs back and forth with senator harry reid. at leave his office and your office. >> well, not really. listen, senator reid has a
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